Saturday, 7 May 2011


Ah, yes. Every 4 year old's be a Princess. Addisyn has been Princess crazed lately. Every movie, every dress up item, every board game, every hair accessory. Yes, it all has to be something to do with Princesses. She's definitely not the only one, as I have seen many Mommy's posting on Facebook how their little girls are going through the same thing.
I remember being around her age and all I would dream about was how I would meet a Prince. We would fall in love instantly and even though I was just a plain girl from a small town, he would love me the moment he saw me. We'd get married, and ride in a carriage that was sparkling with diamonds and pulled along by two beautiful white horses. We would live in a beautiful castle and have two beautiful children, one a boy and one a girl, and they would be perfect in every way. Every morning he would kiss me and tell me he loves me, and every night he would kiss me and tell me he loved me again...this was my Princess dream at the age of 5.
Addisyn has expressed how she longs and dreams about the same thing. She wants to meet her Prince and fall in love and live together forever.. I almost caught myself telling her that she'd be lucky if she met a Prince and married him, but then I realized that I am living my fairytale 5 year old dream.
Sure, Jeremy isn't the son of a King, and no we didn't ride in a carriage pulled by two white horses on our wedding day. But he sure is my Prince. And he loved me the moment he saw me and took me for who I am. We don't live in a castle, per say, but it's 'OUR' castle and we are proud that we call it home. We DO have two beautiful children who are absolutely our world, and to us, perfect in every way (a boy and a girl to boot!) He kisses me every morning and night, and tells me he loves me with the same look in his eye as he had when we first met. As I was telling our daughter this, she looked at me and said "I hope I meet my Prince when I get older Mommy..and I hope he's just like Daddy."
And as the story goes, we lives happily ever after <3

This is Addisyn's drawing of Repunzel (from the movie Tangled) with her pet chameleon, Pasqal. She drew this for me after our chat :)

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