Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Teddy knows best..

Over the past couple weeks, Jeremy and I have been trying really hard to get Layne used to soothing himself to sleep. We rock him and comfort him until his little blue eyes get heavy, and then into the crib he goes. At first, it was horrible. He'd scream so loud I thought his little lungs were going to give out, and then calming him down afterwards was a war in itself. BUT...we kept being persistant.
After a few days of being stubborn and getting frustrated, we invested in an "Ocean Wonders" thing for his crib. Ya know, the ones that have the dim lights and play ocean sounds? Yeah. That. It helped a bit but Mister Layne needed more..

Teddy is his new fav. Not sure what's so special about this Teddy in particular, but he loves to hold Teddy tight. Maybe it's the feeling of having something close to him while he drifts off, or maybe it's because it's soft. Whatever the reason, they are buds. So now you can comment on how babies aren't supposed to have things in their cribs with them, and hopefully I don't get too many people on my case about this (afterall, I DO take Teddy away when he is completely asleep..) but he's attached.

"Everything in life I share, except of course my teddy bear" - Anonymous

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