Thursday, 31 March 2011

A sister's love

Lately I have been noticing the bond between Addisyn and Layne. I've watched him go from not really knowing who his sister is, to seeing him smile and giggle everytime she walks into the room. I've watched Addisyn go from really not knowing what to think of him, to wanting to be around him every single minute.
Today when while I was taking their pictures, I was trying to get Layne to smile. He was more interested in the Easter eggs that were around him than looking at Mommy and her camera. Addi said to me "Mommy, don't worry.. I'll get him to smile." She walked over to where I was, said "Layne!" and instantly he looked up and had the BIGGEST smile on his face. I got one of the best pictures of him I've taken since he was born. Addi didn't  say "see?" or "told ya I could get him to smile".. she looked at me and said "I just love my brother."
After experiencing this, along with how well she treats him, how often she wants to play with him, how well he responds to her, and how well they actually do play together, I find myself hoping and praying that this bond..or SOME sort of bond will last between them. Brothers and sister's aren't really known to be 'close' as say, sisters are..or best friends are. But I really hope that one day, they can both look back on the pictures and videos I've captured of them and realize that they loved each other so much. And even though they'll grow and change, I really hope that love never does.

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.  ~Vietnamese Proverb

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