Thursday, 28 April 2011

April showers

Okay so yes...a day behind on my picture project. DANG! I need to get better at this..anyways.

The other day Addisyn was restless from being inside for the whole day, so we decided that we would try to beat the rain before it decided to show and go to the park across town. Weeeelllll, we didn't beat the rain, but luckily we were armed with umbrellas and Addi's raincoat! I was also armed with my camera, and since I am practicing the 'manual' setting I thought it would be a good time to take some pictures.
I loved watching Addisyn dance around without a care in the world. She was actually excited that it started raining harder, and that's when I got the best pictures of her. (Layne and I were safe underneath a gazebo, of course.) She made me be able to appreciate the small things. Like how fast the water was flowing, how many ducks there were swimming along the river, how many raindrops you could catch on your tounge (even though that's impossible to count..) Overall, we had a great afternoon even in the worst weather!

So you can see her cuteness below :)

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