Monday, 4 April 2011

Layne's 1st Kisses & Birthday Wishes

Yes, yes I am behind on my 365 picture-a-day thing. I know. That's why I am posting two pictures on this post, for days 5 and 6.
Layne experienced his first kiss over the weekend while we were at our friends' house for dinner Saturday. Breanna LOVES Layne. She's so good with him. And hey! Layne didn't cry or push her away when she kissed him, so he obviously didn't mind it that much :)
We hosted our nephew, Liam's 7th birthday party at our house on Sunday. Everyone had a blast, we got to visit with the Parsons family, and of course Liam was spoiled. What are birthday's for right? I must say we have two of the cutest nephews around. I definitely filled my junk food quota for the week though. Maybe even month. Mmmmm cake!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! :) And now, onto the cuteness..

Layne's first kiss.. ahhhh so sweet!

Happy Birthday Liam! xo

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