Thursday, 28 April 2011

Germs, germs, everywhere..

And they won't leave!
Poor Layne just cannot catch a break. He was finally to the point of sleeping like a little Prince. Going to bed at 7/8 and sleeping until 2 or 3, then sleeping until 6 or so. That may not sound like good sleep to you non-mommy's, but for me, that's awesome! Then...the germs his the Parsons household. It seems his sister brings home more germs than you can shake hand sanitizer and soap at, although, she never gets sick herself! Figure that one out. Layne is now up all the time a) because he can't breathe and b) because he wakes himself up by snoring or coughing.
What sucks the most is that he can't down some Buckley's, blow his nose, and fall fast asleep. He really has no defenses when it comes to this nasty cold.
Alas, this picture is all he's got.

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