Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"But Mom! Handy Manny's on!"

Why is it that Handy Manny trumps everything (according to Addisyn) in our house. Dinner, bath time, bed time, and picture taking time.
Today I was playing around with my camera and thought I'd get some shots of the kids playing on the floor. They were both happy as could be so I couldn't of picked a better time. Layne was practicing his sitting up skills (which are coming along quite nicely) but was being distracted by other things, making him tip over, so I suggested turning on the tv so that he'd pay attention to what was straight ahead of him.
Big mistake.
Addisyn was then occupied by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then, you guessed it, Handy Manny. I think I took about 15-20 photos of her half smiling looking at the freakin' TV. The ones I DID get of her looking at the camera will be posted on Facebook, but for this post I'll let you see how hard it is to get a picture of this little girl sometimes!!!!
..and now I have the stupid Handy Manny theme song in my head.

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