Friday, 8 April 2011

Drawings of a 4 year old

How kids draw always amuses me. I love to see how they invision things looking: people, pets, cars..everything. Addisyn's window drawings never disappoint. She has these "Crayola Window Writers" markers that she loves to draw on her windows with. I will admit, sometimes I join in and we write silly things like "Addi loves Kale" or "Mommy loves Daddy". Today I walked into her room to find a drawing of 4 stick figures. When I asked her who they were, she told me this:
"The green one is Daddy, you're beside him, then there's me, and then Layne is the blue one."
When I asked what we were doing she said:
"We are holding hands and walking to our castle."

Apparently, we are the royal family. Who knew!

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