Monday, 4 April 2011

Like father like son

Phew. Okay, so now I am all caught up on my 365 picture-a-day project after this post. Tomorrow I start back to my one post a day. And yes, if you are counting, today I had to post THREE pictures just to get caught up. I guess that's what happens when weekends are busy!
I keep hearing everyone around me and everyone/anyone who has laid eyes on our son comment on how much he looks like Daddy. Daddy's blue eyes, eyebrows, smile, facial expressions .. everything. The truth is, he does. He's Daddy's twin. I am come to terms with this. Even though I carried him for 9 months, went through 7 months of intense morning sickness- which included 2 hospital visits complete with IV's, and then pushed him out after 9 hours of labour... but I'm not bitter. Hahaha..
BUT, if you take a look at the picture below, you'll see that Layne looking just like his Daddy isn't a bad thing. Daddy was quite the cutiepie himself when he was little (and still is, if I do say so myself!!)

"Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad." - Author Unknown

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