Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hoppity Hop

WHOA. Very behind in my blog and 365 picture project. Like, 4 days behind. So, as you'll see, I am posting 4 pictures that I took over the last couple days and posting kind of cheating, but hey!

I hope everyone had a great Easter. This weekend was so busy busy busy. From travelling, to picking up stuff for Easter dinners. BUT, I must admit, seeing family and watching Addi and Layne have fun visiting with family and eating chocolatre (Addisyn, anyways) always warms my heart.
Makes me think about how easily we forget what some holidays are all about. Like Christmas.. all the gifts and turkey and stuffing and I find that even I forget what we are really celebrating. Easter is definitely one of those holidays where I always stop and think, while I am eating turkey and having my 3274283462634th chocolate, that we are celebrating something much more than a bunny that drops off chocolate. Now, everyone has different beliefs so not everyone celebrates the same thing on Easter. But I still think it is really important to make sure you don't forget to be thankful for whatever you DO believe in.

Here's some pictures I had fun taking over the Easter holiday (and when the weather was BEAUTIFUL!)

Hoppy Easter everyone!! xo

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